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Authority SEO

A Step-By-Step SEO Blueprint For Growing Content Sites To 100,000 Visitors Per Month.

This course is designed for people who want to learn SEO strategies that actually boost your traffic. No complicating spreadsheets, no tedious tasks that take all day but produce nothing in results.

Just efficient tactics that drive higher rankings. And no matter what stage your business is in, you’ll equip yourself with the know-how to build a thriving and profitable blogging business.

What you’ll discover inside the premium course:

Start news & updates
Start introduction to the course
Start the best SEO tool

Part 1: Niche & Keyword Research
Start finding your niche
Start the benefits of going ultra-targeted
Start analyzing your niches for keywords
Start how to deal with Google’s keyword planner update
Start setting up your pillar keywords
Start creating your pillar posts
Start further clarifications of pillar posts
Start the best type of keywords to target
Start how to do competition analysis the right way
Start step-by-step walkthrough of my competition analysis process
Start wrapping up & launching the blog
Start bonus: outsourcing pillar posts

Part 2: On-Site SEO & Site Structure
Start domain names, layers, and growth planning
Start authority blog structure and layout in 2019
Start essential plugins
Start how to use Yoast to optimize your page for multiple keywords
Start a title tag trick that increases traffic instantly
Start creating your site’s inner pages
Start wrapping up & f.a.q.

Part 3: Link Building
Start introduction to the link building module
Start how rankings work in 2019
Start a short note about PBN links
Start a link builder’s most powerful weapon
Start how to manipulate people into linking to you naturally
Start the lazy networker’s link building method
Start my favourite types of link building: broken down step-by-step
Start to get super powerful links all day long by competitor link mining
Start link baiting authority figures for authority links
Start when and how you should use guest posting link building strategy
Start wrapping up and faq’s about link building

Part 4: Monetization, Growth, Putting Everything Together
Start monetization options
Start growth stages of an authority blog
Start how to get started: the 5×20 approach

Start deep dives
Start 3-month checklist
Start pdf cheatsheets
Start q&a pack
Start WordPress themes

We highly recommend you to buy the original course

Note: Download all the files and extract the first zip file with 7-zip or Keka for Mac. You only need to extract the first zip file and it will extract all the files in the other zip files. Watch this video if you don’t know how to extract the multi-part archive.

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